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Gross and Invalid Traffic on Amazon, Detect and Save Money

Amazon has launched a gross and invalid traffic report in the Amazon advertising console. This report can be created for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. According to Amazon, Gross and Invalid traffic refers to clicks on your sponsored ads that are not followed up by sales, which may come from competitors, non-humans, or other illegitimate traffic.

In this article we will cover:

  1. Purpose of Gross & Invalid Traffic Report.
  2. How to Access/Download the report?
  3. Metrics Found in the Report
  4. Comparison of Report with Ad campaign
  5. Conclusion

01. Purpose of Gross & Invalid Traffic Report

This report’s purpose is to safeguard advertiser spending against invalid traffic on ads. It provides a way to monitor invalid and fraudulent traffic. Gross and Invalid Traffic Reports have different (gross impressions, invalid impressions, invalid impression rate, gross clicks, invalid clicks, and invalid click rate) metrics to evaluate the report.

02. How to Access/Download the report

  • Step-I: Open Advertising Console
  • Step-II: Open Sponsored Ads Report from Measurement & Reporting Tab
  • Step-III: Run-Report
  • Step-VI: Select Report Category & Select Gross & Invalid Traffic Retort from Report Type Tab
  • Step-V: Select Country, and Report Period & Run Report

03. Metrics Found in the Report

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Campaign Name
  • Status
  • Gross impressions
  • Impressions
  • Invalid impressions
  • Invalid impression rate
  • Gross clicks
  • Clicks
  • Invalid clicks
  • Invalid click rate

04. Comparison of Report with Ad Campaign

You can analyze the results of report with the ads campaign metrics (clicks, impressions) by comparing the gross and invalid traffic metrics (Gross Clicks, Clicks, and invalid clicks). If an invalid- click rate is high and Amazon has charged you for invalid clicks you can submit the case to Amazon and Amazon will refund the invalid clicks amount.

05. Conclusion

Amazon has provided access to Seller to monitor any invalid and non-human traffic, which causes seller/advertiser extra spending on invalid clicks. Through proper assessment of Gross and Invalid Traffic, you can reach the real users and drive meaningful engagement.

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